Shipping policy

Uniform 820 yen nationwide (including Okinawa and remote islands)
The delivery company will be Sagawa Express.
* The shipping fee may change if the delivery is very large.

Overseas shipping
We will ship to areas other than Japan as long as it can be shipped.
Please note that the time and shipping cost for this item will be slightly higher than in Japan.

Click here for EMS shipping guide
* Shipping fee + handling fee will be charged.

About delivery time
・ About delivery of reserved products
After the product arrives, it will be shipped as soon as the inspection is completed.
* If you order multiple items including reserved items at the same time, the items will be delivered together according to the reserved item with the latest release date.
If you want to receive the items you ordered first, please purchase the regular items and the reserved items separately.

About delivery of products on sale
In principle, we will arrange shipping within 5 days from the next day except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays after receiving your order.
(Customers who choose convenience store payment will be charged after payment is completed.)

It usually takes about 1 to 3 days after shipping, but it may be delayed depending on the weather and traffic conditions. Please note.

Bundled / split shipping
After ordering, we cannot bundle or split the product.
Items ordered at the same time will be shipped together as soon as all items are available, and items ordered separately will be shipped separately. When placing an order, please check carefully before placing an order.

In case of long-term absence or unknown destination
If you cannot deliver due to a long absence or unknown address and wish to reship, a reship fee will be charged separately.

If you do not receive your parcel from the first shipment and the item is returned, we will send you a reshipment email.

In addition, if you do not receive the package within one month from the first shipment and you do not respond to the reshipment guidance email from us, we will consider that you have waived the right to receive the item and resend it. Please note that we cannot accept the request. In addition, please note that we cannot refund the price (in this case, please note that we will not contact you again).

If you decline receipt due to customer's convenience, absent for a long time, or reshipment continues, we may restrict the use. Please be sure to receive the product.

Delivery date of reserved items
Regarding the delivery date of the reserved product, please check it as it will be stated in the notice when the shipping date is confirmed.

In addition, on the shipping date (or estimated arrival date), the product will be shipped within 2 months after ordering the product.